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I really can’t stand most of them. My attitude is this: If you don’t like a TV show or movie, then shut your yap and make your own.

A lot of the reviewers are smarmy and annoying. But even the ones who aren’t do not know how to act in front of a camera. The ones who do that pointing move to get you to subscribe need to stop it. YouTube is not new. We know how it works. We know where the Subscribe button is.

So, if I don’t like them, why don’t I follow my own advice and make my own?

Why should I?

Are you going to watch something just because I make a video telling how great I think it is?

Are you going to avoid a TV show or movie because I make a video telling why I think it stinks?

No. You aren’t.

That’s because you’re smart. You have to be. You follow this blog, don’t you? J

And since you’ve taken the time to check out this rant, I’m going to give you a present.

Go to YouTube and check out ChiqueGeeks.

They are 2 British girls who watch Dr. Who and Sherlock and film their reactions while watching the show so it’s not really a review.

And they drink alcohol while doing it. So the reactions get funnier.