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Been a couple busy days, folks. Really.

On Friday, I tried out for the role of a racist food truck guy. Now those of you who know me also know what I think of racists. I actually turned a guy in for being one back in 1982 when I was at Ft. Meade. Got him tossed out of the USAF. The movie is by a young director who, like me, DESPISES the N-word, any use of it, anywhere, anytime.

So we got along fine. It’s only one short scene for me, but that is how I usually like it. No lead roles for me, please. I’ll be the bartender, hotel clerk, any bit part, because that is what I like to do when I act.

I got the role and will let you know when you can see the movie.

Next up, I just found out that a script I wrote for a guy who used to be a bookie/collector may be filmed in the next year. Low-budget, but high intensity. That came out of the blue.

Finally, on Saturday, I went to an acoustic open mike at The Music Cafe in Damascus, MD. Really nice place. Good food. Friendly people. And the other musicians who showed up were excellent. There were a couple of folk duos who did some great old tunes with great old harmonies. The two surprises were: 1.) A Caucasian gentleman, round about my age, got up on stage and started off with an acoustic version of Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions’ IT’S ALL RIGHT; 2.) a young Black man who got up and started off with RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN’ ON MY HEAD. Not what you would expect from either one so it was a breath of fresh air. Both of these men did these songs, and others, true justice.

This isn’t one of those Open Mikes that take place late at night, either. It was a 2PM-4PM Open Mike. And The Music Cafe is not one of those dingy bars where the walls, floors and ceilings are all painted black. It’s bright and shiny and has some very cool album covers decorating the walls. They have a door length painting of Jimi Hendrix on the Men’s Room door and one of Janis Joplin on The Ladies Room door.

And they have great chili!!

I got up and did SWEET JANE by Lou Reed, I’M THINKIN’ IT’S MY DRINKIN’ by me and WELL-RESPECTED MAN by The Kinks. The owner is a Lou Reed fan so he enjoyed my set. I was told by a couple of young ladies and a couple of male country singers who were there that I need to record THINKIN’. In fact, the guys asked me if they could do the song in their act and promised to let everyone know where they heard it.

The good news about THINKIN’ is that I will be recording it in Feb/Mar and will have it up for sale online. I also plan to send it off to some country stations that take submissions by unknowns.

It’s nice to be told that your work is worth the effort you put into it. And I really have to pay my respects to The Mighty John Spokus for his input to my songs. He and I are now The Bagworms again (a duo) and we will be making and recording more original tunes in the coming months.

You can hear our stuff here:

Please feel free to pass those links along to everyone. I would greatly appreciate it.

Now…off I go to work on a script.