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Nah, I’m not talking about putting some scratches in the side of a car that is intentionally taking up 2 parking spaces (I once saw one that took 4). I would NEVER suggest that you scrape your keys down the car door of some clown who is only thinking of himself and his pwecious wittwe car. Not me. Instead, what I’m talking about is a Yamaha PSR E243, a really sweet little keyboard that I just got for 99-freakin-dollars!! Okay, so I also sprung for a kit that has a power supply (the keyboard can run on batteries), a foot pedal and practice headsets for $35, but I think I got a really great deal. It has some incredible sounds and I plan on using some of them in The Bagworms songs. I used to have a nice little keyboard that I bought while I was stationed on Crete back in 1983-1986, but t has decided to go to Keyboard Heaven. I used that keyboard when I played in a band with John George in 1984-1985 and also in a band with Kevin Michael in 1991-1992. So I do have some chops. I just gotta go find them again. Here’s what it looks like: Image

Pretty neat, huh? It only has 61 keys, but I only have 10 fingers, so it works out. I won’t be playing any Keith Emerson-style stuff, just some chords and “flavoring”. On the other hand, I have gone nuts. From time to time. So we shall see. Now here is one of the most calming meditation videos ever, so put on your headsets, close your eyes and go away for a 30 vacation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EQR0hMFbsk